i may have moved … but not quite!

I had not realised how many different platforms there were out there to host SHP! It is clear that I have to move from blogger and the two main contenders at the moment are wordpress … which you are seeing now which sees as easy as blogger to use, has imported my blog quickly in its entirety, but less flexible in allowing be to customise how this looks. The other main contender is posterous which seems slower and after two attempts has only imported half of the old blog posts,  but will allow me greater control over how the blog appears to me, you and everyone else.

Any advice out there greatly received!


I really like being part of the blog world. I blog because I need to reflect on what I do, what I am becoming and where I have come from. I hear views that blogging is ‘on the way out’ due to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but I hope this is not the case as there are some thoughts that cannot be placed into a mere 140 characters. People have often asked how I manage to keep blogging … the answer, I guess, is in that whole reflection thing. I really need to reflect and think a lot about what is happening – and, for me, blogging is a way to fulfil that need to reflect, even if it is aloud.

What I also love about the blog world is hearing the views, thoughts, struggles, revelations and ideas of others. There are a few blogs I follow by reading on a regular and semi regular basis by making good use of Google Reader. There is always good stuff coming from the people I follow (obviously or I would not follow them!!) but the other day I was massively challenged by two particular blog posts that appeared in my reader on the same day.

 Liz wrote here of being broken that really challenged me and set me thinking about how I work or ‘exercise’ my ministry. Mark writes here about what is important to ministry and what we are called to which has caused me to pause and acknowledge, again, that priorities need to change in my life. I have been letting these posts ‘sink in’ for a while before drawing attention to them but thanks Liz and Mark for your raw honesty in posting.

The beauty of blogging, I guess, is not that I can only reflect on what is happening to me, but that in some weird way I give others the opportunity and permission to speak into my life by learning from them. In an age when smaller and briefer is starting to be seen as being better I very much value the challenges and reflections of others.

the death of bloglines

I just picked this up by accident which I guess may have an effect on a number of bloggers. I have used a blog roll from Bloglines to highlight blogs that I regularly go to in my blog reader when they have been updated.

If you use google reader it is very easy to set up another blog roll – which I have just spent 5 minutes doing. The upshot is I now have a new blog roll in the sidebar at the bottom of this blog. Why not go check them out – they all write a lot more interesting stuff than me!

words and pictures

In my blog catch up over the weekend I have come across two great posts today.

The first I came across is a picture from Naked Pastor of the woman caught in adultery. It’s an image which will cause the viewer to pause and think and ask what is happening. I love the way that the stern-ness of the condemners is contrasted with the vulnerability of the woman – go have a look!

The second is a great confession, using some pretty challenging but refreshing language, over on Digging a Lot. The language is thought provoking which I think is quite important in confession liturgy; one such line being:

When we live as driven people and excuse our lack of peace, when we snap with anger because we did not attend to the body’s need for sleep, when we forget that our bodies are temples and not dumping grounds for waste,
forgive us, O God, and have mercy.

Anglican Bloggers

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

I visit Dave’s Blog regularly and decided to join the Anglican Bloggers Facebook group.
No real reason for this other than to see what other Anglicans are out there, what people are saying and not saying and because I classify myself as such (an Anglican and a blogger), in a very broad sense of course!

I’m proud!

Today has been a day of pride.

Joe has been unwell and I have had the pleasure of staying home with him and Tom. I don’t spend enough time with my boys so, despite Joe’s illness, it was great to be with them both – I was proud knowing they were my sons.

While I have been with the boys, Sarah has been in London as Beth was dancing with her dance school on stage at The Shaftesbury Theatre. Apparently she was excellent and I am a bit sad that I did not see her too. I’m very proud of her though!

While being at home I have also had a chance to update the blog ‘extra bits’ properly – friends will notice the changes in the right hand bar where I have finally been able to update the prayer letter and writings section.

Asbo Jesus

I have just stumbled upon the Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus – a great blog by Jon Birch.

A few years ago when I was working with Gillingham YFC we contracted Jon to write some music for our video showing the reality of the lives of teenage parents. The music was great and this blog is just as creative – some of the cartoons made me laugh, others made me want to cry!

Go take a look.

the rest of the day …

On my way home from Waltham Forest it was exciting to meet up with Wulf and Jane.
I have been following Wulf’s blog for a while and it’s great to meet other members of the blogging community. It’s on days like this that I am really glad that I started to blog as it has opened up a great new network of friends as well as encouraged my discipline of writing.

This evening I ventured into youth work and had to skip a SEITE lecture. I had promised a while ago to lead a group of lads as we chatted about sex and relationships. It always amazes me how open young people are and how little they actually know about relationships generally. Tonight’s lads were fun to work with and we got a good mix of humour and serious chatting.

Blogs that make me think

I have been tagged by Dave as a blog that makes him think. I find the idea that I make people think interesting in itself – but thanks Dave.

So, 5 blogs that make me think – in no particular order of preference here.

Dennis always makes me think. His comments are always fresh and provoke some good thinking for myself. Den is a good friend too.

Gordon also makes me think with his reflections on mission. Gordon is another fresh and questioning thinker who is also a practitioner. Gordon has become a friend through blog world!

Michael is a pioneer minister in Gloucester. His relections on his ministry are insightful and challenge me to think about where I am going and what it will all mean.

The stuff from the Moot community members is another source of provocaive and challenging thinking.

Ryan Bolger sneaks in as my fifth. Again, the aricles here have produced seeds of provocotive thoughts over the least few weeks.

Shiny Stats

I have recently found the blog of good friend David and it has been great to be able to catch up. A great tool he uses on his blog is Shiny Stats. This is a free web counter which tells which country people are reading the blog from. Seems most of you who read this are in the UK and US, although there are are also some from Hong Kong (hi Mike and Helen),Portugal, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Italy and France! Wow – please say hi as I’m always keen on new places to visit!