words and pictures

In my blog catch up over the weekend I have come across two great posts today.

The first I came across is a picture from Naked Pastor of the woman caught in adultery. It’s an image which will cause the viewer to pause and think and ask what is happening. I love the way that the stern-ness of the condemners is contrasted with the vulnerability of the woman – go have a look!

The second is a great confession, using some pretty challenging but refreshing language, over on Digging a Lot. The language is thought provoking which I think is quite important in confession liturgy; one such line being:

When we live as driven people and excuse our lack of peace, when we snap with anger because we did not attend to the body’s need for sleep, when we forget that our bodies are temples and not dumping grounds for waste,
forgive us, O God, and have mercy.

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