i may have moved … but not quite!

I had not realised how many different platforms there were out there to host SHP! It is clear that I have to move from blogger and the two main contenders at the moment are wordpress … which you are seeing now which sees as easy as blogger to use, has imported my blog quickly in its entirety, but less flexible in allowing be to customise how this looks. The other main contender is posterous which seems slower and after two attempts has only imported half of the old blog posts,  but will allow me greater control over how the blog appears to me, you and everyone else.

Any advice out there greatly received!

6 thoughts on “i may have moved … but not quite!

  1. Stick with WordPress, plenty of templates. A little more limiting to go the free route with wordpress.com but easier; alternatively you could pay for hosting and use wordpress.org, in which case a whole range of plug-ins become available to you.

  2. Thanks Dave … struggling with a few things …. seems comments default is set to approval which I am unhappy with but don’t seem to be able to find how to change that setting

    also … the feed to twitter and facebook do not seem to ok

    again …. any advice gratefully received!

  3. Go WordPress, Rob. Loads of themes and you can get the hang of it quickly. Personally I host on my own webspace so that I can mess about with everyone I want to. V.happy to give you a lesson sometime if you want to buy me a kwaffee.

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