I really like being part of the blog world. I blog because I need to reflect on what I do, what I am becoming and where I have come from. I hear views that blogging is ‘on the way out’ due to social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but I hope this is not the case as there are some thoughts that cannot be placed into a mere 140 characters. People have often asked how I manage to keep blogging … the answer, I guess, is in that whole reflection thing. I really need to reflect and think a lot about what is happening – and, for me, blogging is a way to fulfil that need to reflect, even if it is aloud.

What I also love about the blog world is hearing the views, thoughts, struggles, revelations and ideas of others. There are a few blogs I follow by reading on a regular and semi regular basis by making good use of Google Reader. There is always good stuff coming from the people I follow (obviously or I would not follow them!!) but the other day I was massively challenged by two particular blog posts that appeared in my reader on the same day.

 Liz wrote here of being broken that really challenged me and set me thinking about how I work or ‘exercise’ my ministry. Mark writes here about what is important to ministry and what we are called to which has caused me to pause and acknowledge, again, that priorities need to change in my life. I have been letting these posts ‘sink in’ for a while before drawing attention to them but thanks Liz and Mark for your raw honesty in posting.

The beauty of blogging, I guess, is not that I can only reflect on what is happening to me, but that in some weird way I give others the opportunity and permission to speak into my life by learning from them. In an age when smaller and briefer is starting to be seen as being better I very much value the challenges and reflections of others.

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