this is why I will be voting Labour!

gordon’s human!

Nick Page has an interesting and thought out blog on the ‘bigot’ incident here.
Not going to say too much more – yes it was wrong, but he apologised.
How many of us have said things in the heat of the moment which we have later regretted?

Fundamentalism an embarrasment to me as a Christian

Following the stuff I wrote on April 1st it seems Lord Carey is in the news again …. for once I seem to be agreeing with Ruth Gledhill who writes for the times.
I think the article and video sum up pretty much how many Christians in this country feel today – I really do hope people don’t listen to people like Lord Carey (who is entitled to his view) and somehow feel all Christians feel and think like him.

Election time … but I don’t understand!

So … election time is upon us and many will be wondering why, a whole week on, I have not made any comment. That is partly because I have been reflecting on the whole election stuff and my views (which are well known to many of you) and it has been an interesting time. My reflections, which will become clearer below, have challenged me to seek to understand the other side of some arguments that are bouncing around in the worldwide church at the moment as well. For me it has been quite  challenging time in seeing things from the other side of the arguments of sexuality and women bishops in particular. I believe sexuality should not make any difference and look forward to seeing women bishops, but I am aware there are other Christians who see things very differently.

It is clear to us all that at election times in the UK we all see things differently. I will speak bluntly (but please hear me out before you jump to the bottom of the page to make a comment telling me I am wrong). I truly believe that as a Christian there is no other option but to vote Labour. I seriously cannot see or understand how any Christian can vote Tory. I know I am only talking about two parties here – but realistically we all know that Number 10 will be occupied by either Gordon Brown or David Cameron in a few weeks time.

I think it is our duty as Christians to support all, with a particular preference for the poor and marginalised, and I can only see the Labour Party being the political party that is interested in doing that. I am totally convinced a Conservative government would make things worse for the marginisled and poor of our country and so I cannot ever entertain the thought of myself voting such – even if that would mean I was voting for policies that were not particularly in my interest. I believe the Tory party to be totally disinterested in the poor and marginilsed of this nation. I read scripture and feel to vote Tory goes massively against how I interpret the living out of gospel values. For me, as a Christian, voting Tory is so so wrong!

And yet ….. I know lots of Christians who will be voting Tory. These people are not just names or acquaintances but are people I value, love and respect. Most of them I have counted as close friends for the best part of 20 years. For the last decade I have been drinking with some of these friends before footy games in the Conservative Club in Gillingham High Street – but I still cannot see, and I do not understand, how they combine their faith with their voting intention – but I know that they do and that they do so with integrity.

I know these friends take their Christian faith just as seriously as I do; they will pray as I will and they are voting in the way that they believe God is calling them to vote. I don’t understand how, and if I am totally honest I don’t even like it; but I can, and do, accept it. And before you point it out; I am fully  aware that there are lots of Christians very active in all three main parties within Christian-political organisations like Christian Socialist Movement (CSM), Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF )and Liberal Democrat Christian Forum (LDCF) which can all be found via the Christians in Politics website. No one party has more Christians than any other and I guess that simply confuses me in light of the strong convictions I outline above.

So … why the ramble …. well I think election time offers an important reflection time for all of us. Within Christian politics strong views can be held by individuals but those strong views do not result in cold stand offs where fellowship, communion and love cannot be shared. Those strong political views do not stop MP’s being friends and nor do they stop me spending time with good friends of different political persuasions. But … with doctrine disagreements this is exactly what seems to be happening.

Christians can believe different things and still be Christians. Election time highlights that fact quite profoundly and I believe if people took this on board in the current church scene then opposing viewpoints could be held together.

My Tory friends do not see me as any less of a Christian because I have a different political view to them. I do not see them as any less of a Christian because they have completely different views to me. If this can be the case in political beliefs, can it not also be the same for doctrinal beliefs? Surely we need to realise that none of us have the monopoly on truth or being correct – we all have shaded of it and it is when we combine that a fuller, more accurate, picture is achieved! Well …. that’s my thought anyway!

By the way I have seen some Chritians talking about not voting. That is ridiculous – please consider carefully and vote for someone …. if you are thinking of NOT voting then you should watch this little video where each of the leaders of the main three parties addresses Christians after an introduction by Archbishop John Sentamu. Please … whatever … use that vote!

Question Time

I was going to write about last nights question time but Ben has written excellently here and expressed very well on his blog here what I thought of the program.

I have the same sentiment Ben expresses here ‘I feel my faith has been violated by the hatred of this man.’

Reject BNP racism!

I received this email yesterday and found it shocking!

Dear Rob,

Despite widespread opposition Nick Griffin will be on Question Time this Thursday.

The BBC have made their decision – they are willing to let a leader of a fascist Party on their flagship show. Last week the BNP agreed to change its constitution for fear of being found guilty of having a racist and illegal membership policy. On Sunday, Griffin attacked and abused his fellow panelists Bonnie Greer and Baroness Warsi for not being white. And yet the BBC still allow him on. Griffin’s presence is a stain on the BBC – and I know that you share my feelings of anger.

So I think we need to make a stand.

On Thursday afternoon we’re going to the BBC to deliver the Question Time presenter, David Dimbleby, thousands of messages of hope from our supporters. Your stories, your experiences and your belief in an open and tolerant society will send the strongest possible rejection of the BNP’s message of hate. You can send your message of hope here.

The BNP’s goal is to divide us. It’s to whip up fear and hatred in our communities and then exploit the anger that they’ve induced.

But we don’t have to accept their hatred.

At a moment like this we need to rally together to send a message of defiance against the BNP. And Rob, you’re best placed to do this. So why did you oppose the racist BNP? Why you are proud to live in our open and tolerant society?

Or quite simply, what message do you want to send Nick Griffin?

Tell us here.

Whatever you write, whatever story you tell, your words will speak for the majority of Britons. And when thousands of us come together in this action we can send a unified message of hope to counter Griffin’s fractured message of hate.

Please join us in this moment – whether you write a single word or an entire essay we will take them all to the BBC and present them to David Dimbleby. We can’t make the impact we need without you – please send a message now: your stories make our movement.

Best wishes,


I cannot quite believe the subject, it seems unbelievable to me that this weeks Question Time has Nick Griffin on the panel which will serve nothing but allow him to spread his racism and hatred.

Please, if you are as shocked as me, add your comment to the link above so that it can be presented with thousands of others to David Dimbleby.

If the UK were a village of 100 people

The Independent carried out some research recently which I found on Start the Week – I think the title gives it away. The resulting statistics and stuff are quite interesting and you can read the whole article here.

Some interesting statistics:

Eight people would live in Greater London (one of them in Croydon).
There would be 51 women and girls, and 49 men and boys.
Thirty people would have a Facebook account.
They would earn an average of £388 a week (including part-time workers).
The richest 10 people in the village would receive 30 per cent of the total income. Between them, they would earn more than the poorest 50 combined.
17 of the 100 villagers would be under the age of 15, while another 16 would be 65 or over (three of them 80 or over).
The villagers would have 118 mobile phones between them (66 of which would be pay-as-you-go). There would be 55 telephone landlines.
There would be 90 televisions (an average of more than two per household).

What an interesting country we live in!

Chrtistian Socialist Movement Intern opportunity

Andy Flannagan has posted this opportunity on facebook:

CSM offering an amazing opportunity for someone to intern for CSM at Labour HQ, starting September 09. Join our scarily growing team! FW to anyone who may be interested. email me for details. check us out on

If interested check it out!

don’t sink the boats – sink the BNP!

I just had an email alerting me to this interview given by Nick Griffin where he states that he would would support civilian boats being targeted, fired upon and sunk. You can watch their exchange here.

This man needs to be exposed for what he really stands for – it is shocking that he will be representing our country in the European Parliament. That’s what happens when people choose to opt out and not vote!

Not in My Name

The BNP having seats in the European Parliament is a shocking disgrace.
They don’t sit there representing me.
Sign up to Not in My Name as no doubt you feel the same!