Reject BNP racism!

I received this email yesterday and found it shocking!

Dear Rob,

Despite widespread opposition Nick Griffin will be on Question Time this Thursday.

The BBC have made their decision – they are willing to let a leader of a fascist Party on their flagship show. Last week the BNP agreed to change its constitution for fear of being found guilty of having a racist and illegal membership policy. On Sunday, Griffin attacked and abused his fellow panelists Bonnie Greer and Baroness Warsi for not being white. And yet the BBC still allow him on. Griffin’s presence is a stain on the BBC – and I know that you share my feelings of anger.

So I think we need to make a stand.

On Thursday afternoon we’re going to the BBC to deliver the Question Time presenter, David Dimbleby, thousands of messages of hope from our supporters. Your stories, your experiences and your belief in an open and tolerant society will send the strongest possible rejection of the BNP’s message of hate. You can send your message of hope here.

The BNP’s goal is to divide us. It’s to whip up fear and hatred in our communities and then exploit the anger that they’ve induced.

But we don’t have to accept their hatred.

At a moment like this we need to rally together to send a message of defiance against the BNP. And Rob, you’re best placed to do this. So why did you oppose the racist BNP? Why you are proud to live in our open and tolerant society?

Or quite simply, what message do you want to send Nick Griffin?

Tell us here.

Whatever you write, whatever story you tell, your words will speak for the majority of Britons. And when thousands of us come together in this action we can send a unified message of hope to counter Griffin’s fractured message of hate.

Please join us in this moment – whether you write a single word or an entire essay we will take them all to the BBC and present them to David Dimbleby. We can’t make the impact we need without you – please send a message now: your stories make our movement.

Best wishes,


I cannot quite believe the subject, it seems unbelievable to me that this weeks Question Time has Nick Griffin on the panel which will serve nothing but allow him to spread his racism and hatred.

Please, if you are as shocked as me, add your comment to the link above so that it can be presented with thousands of others to David Dimbleby.

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