If the UK were a village of 100 people

The Independent carried out some research recently which I found on Start the Week – I think the title gives it away. The resulting statistics and stuff are quite interesting and you can read the whole article here.

Some interesting statistics:

Eight people would live in Greater London (one of them in Croydon).
There would be 51 women and girls, and 49 men and boys.
Thirty people would have a Facebook account.
They would earn an average of £388 a week (including part-time workers).
The richest 10 people in the village would receive 30 per cent of the total income. Between them, they would earn more than the poorest 50 combined.
17 of the 100 villagers would be under the age of 15, while another 16 would be 65 or over (three of them 80 or over).
The villagers would have 118 mobile phones between them (66 of which would be pay-as-you-go). There would be 55 telephone landlines.
There would be 90 televisions (an average of more than two per household).

What an interesting country we live in!

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