Being Still … part last (I think)

So … I have now been back from retreat for a week.
Every evening my adopted new practice of saying Northumbria Compline has happened (I simply love the Monday night words!)  … even when waking at 2am on the sofa, compile was still said before going to bed!
Most days I have managed to do Centring Prayer, and obviously as an obedient Anglian Priest, Morning Prayer is always said anyway.

With these practices I am able to maintain perspective and continue in the vein of ‘all will be well’. I’m not quite sure what will happen, nor what the future holds. But I can believe that all will be well.

Sometimes practices adopted on retreats can be too demanding, or can be dropped too easily … I am hoping I have found a good balance here and early signs seem to be good.

A number of people have said to me that they could not do silence for any length of time, let alone 5 days.
I would say do not underestimate yourself.
Try meditating for just 10 minutes a day ….
allow God to find you
and you to find yourself
and see what happens.

and the pictures this time …. well that’s just to show off a bit with the medieval room!


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