Being Still …. part 3

So … hope!
Following the ‘Wednesday experience’ of what I can only call a release, baggage dropping healing experience I came across Julian of Norwich. Obvs not physically but in the form of a translation of her meditations by Brendan Doyle … a simply but profound version which I have had on the bookshelf for years but only really leafed through …. until this day.

I think it is quite natural that after a time of release which reveals a way forward that concerns can often come crashing in. Julian of Norwich’s words came for me at quite a key time during the silence.

I probably should explain a little that Julian wrote these words at a time when the populist option of God was a hard task master, someone that needed to be feared and who wanted to finish people for their misdemeanours. Julian radically said because all of creation was created by God, who is good, then all creation is good, and that God loved and wanted to hang out with all, rather than punish people for stuff that was happening on God’s watch anyway! There’s a lot more to it than that, but that is a short Rob translation!

In particular two of Julians meditations spoke to me …. these are ‘words’ that Julian believed she heard from God …. which have been left for us to ponder, meditate upon, and consider in our lives.

Obviously all meditations and messages from God are open to interpretation and will be interpreted differently by different people art different times in different locations. But … in my silence and slow reading, these two meditations kind of jumped out of the page and bit me on the arse! One with God seemingly dissing the idea that God’s plan and our hope for our lives are wildly different … and the other with God almost laughingly say ….it’s ok … all will be ok …. which resonates with one of Julian’s more well known meditations :

I can make all things well,
I know how to make all things well,
I desire to make all things well,
I will make all things well.
And you shall see with your own eyes
that every kind of thing will be well.

I don’t know why these came as a surprise to me … yet again.
Its;s easy to forget I suppose.
I guess as we work and get swallowed up by being involved in the pressing and unimportant not only do we lose sight of the ‘important’ in our lives, but we lose sight of the vision of reality that God wants people to have their heart’s desire … and the even bigger truth that God really is taking care of us.

rails 2Those two meditations that jumped out at me coupled with the ‘all will be well’ word gave a strong sense of hope on Thursday morning. On my afternoon walk I came across a level crossing, and I know it’s not entirely safe but I took a photo looking down the rails. From my previous two days of quiet coming across these rails seemed again to be prophetic in it’s meaning to me. A meaning that there seems a clear way ahead … it’s long, a lot out of focus, but clear direction and a certain knowledge of what could be ahead … and that ‘all will be well’. This picture of the rails speaks to me in a way that reminds me that over the last 6 months or so I had drifted from the core of who I was … as I look back I have ideas why, but to dwell there would be pointless, other than to learn from the experience. Returning to the core of me in the knowledge that all will be well is pretty liberating!

I started the week not knowing why I had gone for 5 days of silence. My first conversation with Sr Ruth saw me saying ‘I do not know why I am here, but I know I need to be’. By the third and fourth days the reasons for being there seemed so obvious!

All things are well.
All things will be well.
And all manner of things shall be well.

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