Invisible … 

  Following from my last post … I am out … The view proves it with the sun shining in through the coffee shop window and the Canary Wharf buildings looking very bright and shiny. 

There is a wide mix of people here; building contractors, people collecting coffee on the way to the tube, some popping in for early lunch, and just a couple loitering with a friend. I think I am the oldest he by a good 10/15 years …. 

I’m blogging ‘live’ in situ because I can and I never really have before. If I was to record my feelings I guess I feel nervous, a little out of place at the moment and maybe generally invisible. Some people have spied the dog collar and after a sneaky look as determined to make no eye contact. The staff, though, have been welcoming. I feel a little out of place but not in the wrong place. People are not used to seeing priests around in the community just drinking coffee …. I hope as I become more established here that I will be able to serve these people in some way. 

As I write I suddenly feel a little ‘better’ as I am watching a coup,e in their 70’s cross the road with their dog. I am clearly not the only one around born before the 80’s! 

This is a place that I clearly need to hang around more in. This is at the centre of the community and seems to be a place where people are happy to be. As time goes on I hope I will start to understand this community and how we can serve it more. 

1 thought on “Invisible … 

  1. Awesome! The first step is always the most difficult and you have done it. It looks like a great view, as well as being busy. I am sure it will be no time before a casual head nod to greet you becomes a “hello, how are you doing!?”

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