moving along in harmony

DSC_1165aAnother two weeks has passed since my last blog … it’s gone in a flash, but as I look back I can see that quite a few things have happened and so the mist of uncertainty has lifted for brief moments so I can imagine possible lights of ideas ahead of me.

I have nearly spoken with every person that regularly attend Holy Trinity here on the Peninsula. At my licensing the bishop was incredibly permission giving, and was very open about the fact that I am here to aid change. he said I was here to do things differently. Without exception it seems the people of HT are up for change. No one wants to stay the same, everyone knows we need to do something different. Change will happen!

I love being part of this community of Holy Trinity that are sold out on being something that makes a real positive difference in our community life.

As I have listened to people, people that I am here to serve, some common threads have come out. It would not be right to share them publicly until after we have chatted as HT. One thing, though, that I can share that has been very clear is this …. everyone agrees that 11am on a Sunday morning is not the correct time for us to meet. This will change. It has to change because it is obviously not the right time for the people of the peninsula. It’s refreshing to be part of a group that can see that and ‘get’ that we are here to serve this community.

I have some ideas of what we may look like over the next few months. In some ways I could speed the process up by suggesting certain changes … but I really do not believe that is the way to work. If we are going to move forward together in a way that means something for the wider community here then we need to move slowly, listening intently to each other and those we seek to serve. We need to discover more of what God is doing and then join with God rather than develop our own little ideas. I really do not know of any better way to start something new.

The next step, as I see it, after I have listened to everyone who is currently part of HT is to eat together as we seek a way forward. I’m feeling quite excited by this thought and can’t help but think what a great privilege and how exciting the way forward is. Maybe I should feel more daunted or scared at the scale of the task (and sometimes that is very evident in my heard!) but at the moment I feel quite simply that we are on track and need to keep listening and moving together.

Interestingly I think harmony says something about what we are trying to do at this point in time. I say interestingly because the schools theme for collective worship this term has been ‘harmony’. Harmony talks of cooperation and friendship.  It declares unity and conveys empathy. It breathes peace and understanding. It emits order and integrity. It sings of richness and melody. It serenades of blend and harmony.

As we move forward together in this harmonious way, I believe we will become more aware of the whisper of our community … and when we hear and join with that … well … then we may have more of an idea of the sone we are called to sing.

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