mbs wow!!!

Just wow!
Today I have been amazed.
I shouldn’t be.
But I am.

Stunned that God can use some cards to speak powerfully into the lives of people.
Incredibly powerfully.
To real people.

Today I have experienced stunned silences, seen tears, and heard comments like ‘that is sooooo accurate … that’s weird!’or comments like ‘are you sure you don’t know me?’ as people have had Ruach readings which connect with them on both a superficial and deep level simultaneously.

Today I have sat with people as they have cried as their creator has brought things to the fore that they needed to deal with.

Today really has been immensely exciting and a great privilege to be involved in.

The nine hours in Earls Court simply flew by. We were inundated with people from around 11am until 5pm where we simply gave reading after reading from either Ruach or the Jesus Deck.

Some interesting highlights which have stayed with me….
a humble older man who shared his desire for space and silence and had a card reading that both reflected and helped him in that
a couple who in individual readings both chose the same card which was pretty exciting for both of them
the young lady who was worried about a new role … only to receive words from God that told her she had no need to worry
a young man who drew a card about the empty tomb which was HUGELY significant to him in his current situation
a young lady who rushed up to us in the last few minutes to ask if we could sit with her and share ‘words from Jesus’ for her … which we did … and the words were amazing and gave her what she was looking for.

Today has been amazing … I have loved working with Andrea, Steve, Mary and Maddie. The team that work tomorrow are pretty amazing … please hold Steven, Mary, Liz, Judith and Steve in your prayers as they work dekhomai on the last day.

God … using cards … to powerfully connect with real people …. who’d have thought it!

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