do you want to be part of something exciting ….

IMG_1662well you can

Please support us at Dekhomai this year
If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you will know that as Dekhomai we attend the MBS fair at Olympia each year.

The stand is really expensive … and loads of other people charge amounts like £50 for ‘stuff’ … but at Dekhomai we offer everything we do …. listening, healing prayer, Jesus Deck and Ruach card readings, blessings ….. all for free ….. it’s God’s stuff anyway so how on earth could we charge!?

But …. we still need to pay the fee for the stand …. so if you donate on our just giving page here you can help us be there again this year

I’ve written lots over the years about the vibrancy and missional opportunity of this place … you can read one such post from a couple of years ago:

Just wow!
Today I have been amazed.
I shouldn’t be.
But I am.

Stunned that God can use some cards to speak powerfully into the lives of people.
Incredibly powerfully.
To real people.
read more here

Please … donate here so we can be part of this again


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