meeting where you’re at

busy boot fair_edited-1The last two Sunday mornings have been a real highlight and a blessing to me personally as a small team of amazing people have continued to run the stall at the boot fair. Over the two weeks we have done around 70 Ruach cards readings, Jesus Deck readings and prayed for healing or life situations with people who have just popped down to the boot fair to buy some stuff. They came looking for things to buy and left with some amazing encounter for free.

As well as card readings, the team connected through prayer beads and hair braiding … and it has been a real joy for me to see team members have ideas that when we put into action simply connect with people. It is key that that stall continues to try new things so that we do not become stale in our approach.

I guess I should not be surprised … but I have been truly amazed at how open people have been with us this year … and how God seems to use a pack of cards to really engage with people in incredibly significant ways. Over these last two weeks people have been amazed as they have connected in some way with the Divine Creator God. They have left in tears of joy, or been inspired to some action or simply pleased to be able to grasp that God approves of who they are and loves them.

There are so many stories to tell of how Ruach has really blessed both the people having a ready and members of the team as they have been involved. The stories ahve been raw, bare, amazing and wonderful. I could write for hours, but you would not be happy to read so much … but one thing in particular inspired and amazed me yesterday. I read and prayed with loads of men.

In the past at such events most people to respond have been women. I am not sure why this is … but yesterday I gave card readings and prayed with loads of men … and to me it seemed a pretty significant and vulnerable time for those concerned. I am now starting a process of thinking through why men in particular were responding yesterday … did we do something in out set up which helped, or was this just a case of God bringing us people to spend time with? I’m mulling that one over.

Yesterday I was struck by the story of a young man who was searching since the unexpected death of a parent. He was looking for some way of connecting with God and each of the cards he drew spoke to him powerfully.
I also remember a young woman who had a reading about new beginnings and a new chapter with a ‘promise’ that God would support and guide her … she then shared that she had just emigrated from South Africa for a new job.
Yesterday an older woman  shared with me that she was looking for calm …. and then she chose the peace card from Ruach which says …. “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind & heart and the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” (John 14 : 27)  After seeing the card she tearfully said ‘that is amazing …. that’s just what I said … it’s just what I was asking for!’

There are many stories like these which are incredibly exciting and humbling to be a part of. Sadly the boot fair stops for a while after next week to restart in September …. Sunday mornings are going to feel strange for a while …. I will miss meeting these people where they are at, I will miss working with such an amazingly talented and open team … i wish to send a big heartfelt thank you to all the team who have taken part … without you this would not have worked.

I guess a good use of the time off could be to think more about our name …. we cant stay the stall with no name …. even tho every other stall is!

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