another great pub theo

pub theologyWe had a pretty good night at pub theo tonight. I really like the Dog and Bone and it seems to work perfectly for us as the staff are always friendly and Elayne is  a great cook. Loads of chilli, rice, tacos, cheese and salsa tonight, (for just a fiver!) along with incredibly well kept beer at just £3 a pint, all adds to the great atmosphere this pub provides for us.

Our first question … ‘Does it matter if God exists or not?’ kept us going for around an hour. I think that is a record for pub theo. The conversation was diverse between those who have a faith and those who don’t and after lots of talk and laughter and argument we seemed to decide that the question was an important question. It was an important question, one of the big questions, and the question itself is probably more important than the answer.

Although … the answer is ‘yes’ of course ….. just joking to half of pub theo there ;-)!!!

It was good to see a good mix of people tonight with 3 new people alongside some of the regulars … as well as missing those who could not make it of course. People also came and went … there’s a bit of a Greek Orthodox church thing going on here where people dip in and out of ‘the liturgy’ as they wish to.

A large part of tonight, between questions, was general catching up with people socially. Pub theology seems to have produced a little community that like each others company … and I guess I never really expected that to happen … it wasn’t planned …. but I’m glad it is as it is because there is something special about the group of people that come to the pub to talk theology. I’m glad to be part of this group that is just interested in each other. Thank you.

The next pub theo falls in the bank holiday when everyone seems to go away … so there will not be a pub theo in May … the next one will be on Monday June 30th, 745 in the Dog and Bone …. put the date in your diary!

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