Ruach cards

wp0_wpa1aa95e3I had a great day yesterday at a Ruach Cards training  day with with one of my good friends, Andrea, from Sacred Space in Kingston.

The day was fun, informative, challenging, and engaging as we practiced giving and receiving ‘ruach  insight readings’.. and most of all, for me personally, very much needed as I am ever searching for new ways to engage effectively with people outside the church. The opportunity, as well, to spend a day with like minded people who work on the edge and outside of church is always refreshing and I hadn’t realised how much I have missed this.

The cards are beautiful and, I think, give more options to engage with people than the Jesus Deck does. The boot fair ministry stuff all kicks off next week … and I think having Ruach and Jesus Deck available will just help us to engage with more people. They seem to offer a greater spectrum of possible engagement.

I have just returned from a kind of training session with the team for this years boot fairs.wp1b645935 As well as looking at the stuff we used last year and explaining how we work to the new team members we all had a brief look at the Ruach cards before 4 of us then retired to a local cafe to practice Ruach readings. This turned out to be an amazing time and I felt we all experienced a special moment when the youngest member of the team, a teenager, practiced with the cards and it became rapidly cler to all of us that this young person has a particular gift in this area. Why is it that those special God moments always take me by surprise?

So …. next week …. if you near the boot fair in Gillingham next week pay us a visit …. or of you want to get involved on the team … it’s still not too late … get in touch!

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