real protection

data_protection_singapore1I have really found the Richard Rohr thought series very powerful and awakening this week. The series has been looking at the ‘loyal soldier’ within us, the person who is a bit like the older brother in the story of the prodigal son. The part part of our character that is bound by rules, that tells us how we should be and act and what we should believe … the part of our character that chooses to avoid taking on board that Christianity is a mystical matter because then it allows it to restrict it more comfortably to a moral, right and wrong, matter. That’s a lot easier to deal with and allows us to control who is in or out and gives us control over stuff we don’t really know how to control. But … while it’s ‘easy’ to try and live through rules that ‘protect’ us … faith with Christ means we do this by letting go and allowing him the space …

Today’s thought starts …

Early-stage morality seems to be determined by what some call the world of karma or some kind of equalization between debt and punishment, merit and reward. It seeks to create some “justice” between output and input, so the world can make sense to our small self. The Loyal Soldier voices that developed in our early childhood said, “You get what you deserve. You don’t deserve anything more than what you’ve earned and are therefore worthy of receiving.” This simple worldview likes “bad” people to be punished and “good” people to be rewarded.

go read it all here.


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