called to vulnerability

Yesterday’s words of unknowing and fear of where the journey may be leading clearly fall back into that trampoline word of vulnerability. I wrote in my ‘brief review’ on 31st December that the words ‘grace’ and ‘vulnerability’ have stuck out a lot for me this past year.

In my spare moments, and in planned times, I intend to find, read, experience and reflect upon anything I can that is linked with these words. In a short search this afternoon I came across a short video entitled ‘vulnerability’ put together by Shane Claiborne and on The Work of the People. (TWOTP is a great resource by the way if you have not seen it before check it out) If you click the pic you should get to the video.


It’s a pretty basic introduction to vulnerability and I love the words of Jesus ‘entering into the struggle …. a model we are called to follow’.

Embracing vulnerability, which must mean stepping out of our cosy enclosures, not always playing safe, being in a place so that our lives collide with the marginalised not just once or now and again, but as the norm …. that’s a model of Christianity I can go with. That’s a model of Christianity that I can get passionate and excited about.

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