claiming protection vs embracing vulnerability

I wrote this about 16 month ago when I was feeling incredibly vulnerable and lost. I am reblogging it today as it obviously fits with my current vulnerability theme but the words I wrote those 16 month ago take on a whole different significance of meaning now.
Being free to embrace vulnerability is an image I am working towards trying to understand.

The Shiny Headed Prophet

Recently I had a kind of discussion with someone who is passionate about mission whom I admire and respect. In her encouragement of me she said something like ‘get your armour on!’

I thought ‘yes, you are so wise for someone so young, why had I not thought of that!’ But then, after a little while I wondered … and I blog about this because I still wonder and I am not sure. You see, I know I need God’s protection and I know that we are often engaged in a  spiritual battle which we do not fully understand nor are we fully aware of.

But … should I be prayerfully putting armour on as outlined in Ephesians 6? I see this is scripturally correct behaviour …. but is this an instruction for all seasons? I guess my concern is with imagery and the power of imagery. Does a…

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