the Epiphany Fog

fogIt’s Epiphany today … a day that makes me think of journeying. Journeys can also make me think of beginnings and endings.

This Epiphany I am hopeful. I am hopeful that I am on the edge of something new, at the foot of some steep climb, on the brink of something both tough and exciting. Even though today in Gillingham was just another day like any other day before the new year of before the Epiphany as we mark it today, I believe I have never been here before. I know what I am aiming for, and I may even be able to see something on the horizon, but I am not sure just yet how we quite get there.

Today the journeys we think about in Epiphany give me encouragement and inspire me to carry on. The Magi appear on the Christmas scene (they probably came years later but no matter…). While at the scene they are warned about not returning the same way. That speaks masses to me.

Where I am now is a unique place. Experiences, relationships, happenings all combine to mean, that even if I wanted to return, it is not possible to return the same way. Events mean that new routes and new ways have to be investigated and explored in whatever journey we take. New paths have to be trodden that others may follow in the future.

The second journey is of Mary and Joseph fleeing with Jesus. There is a sense of speed, of plans going out of the window, and last minute improvisations being made. This is not a tidy ending to the Christmas story …. and actually, and very frustratingly, we don’t know what happened as the gospels pick up the story again when Jesus is around 30 … apart from that moment when the boy Jesus was asking questions of the rabbis in the synagogue.

This second journey is encouraging because it speaks loads of untied ends. Nothing is neatly packaged (is it ever in the bible?) and so the sense of worry and fear and unknowing that I am experiencing now seems kind of right.

What I see before me in The Epiphany are two Star Trek journeys …. two journeys into the unknown.

So … here is to 2014 … to boldly go …. well maybe not boldly …. but go at least!

3 thoughts on “the Epiphany Fog

  1. This sounds so interesting – never heard of Epiphany before. May need to go and do some research.

    Go -(boldly, or not) and looking forward to seeing where you venture this year!

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