all there?

Sayings-about-your-presenceI had the pleasure of meeting up with a friend for lunch today to chat about God stuff and the gathering. It’s always quite exciting for me to ‘connect’ with someone that simply ‘gets’ what we are trying to do and where we are coming from faith wise.

As I’ve Examen (d) my day the John Taylor quote from Primal Vision has infused my head like some strong perfume that just wont drift away. It’s not that I have ever forgotten this quote, it is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite books on mision, but today it has been re-awoken in some fresh way:

“The Christian, who stands in that world in the name of Christ, has nothing to offer unless they offer to be present, really and totally present, really and totally in the present. The failure of so many ‘professional’ Christian has been that they are ‘not all there!’

That challenges me at a time when I am now itching to get moving on the project of having a Christian presence in the High Street. It has caused me to, rightly, wonder whether I am ‘all there’ when I am with the people I see weekly, sometimes daily, for very similar conversations. Taylor has yet again reminded me that it’s not about buildings, projects, plans, activities or even servant hearted social action stuff. This is all about people and needs to remain about people and needs to be driven by people.

So … thank you friends I have seen today and John Taylor for allowing God to speak through you today and into my life.

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