where is the sanctuary …?

failI have been catching up a little of blog reading and reflection. One of my favourite blogs is Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. Her writings connect in a real way and it is refreshing to hear an honest account of how ‘ministry, calling, a life of mission, or whatever you wish to a call it impacts on your life and the life of others. You will not find any of those quick fix cheesy one liners which soem use to try and fix things that don’t necessarily need fixing on this blog. I guess what I find rereshing here is the realistic approach to the pain of ministry.

Anyway … this blog post is really challenging and Jamie ends with a question and a challenge: If the Church is to lead people to the foot of the Cross, then we better have a damn good answer when the world asks, “Um, excuse me. Where is the Sanctuary?

Go read the rest of the article … I think this is a massive challenge to all involved in church …. then lets think about the answer ….

1 thought on “where is the sanctuary …?

  1. I read this yesterday. Yes, I think so often we feel we have to have the answers to give some ‘wise words’, that there has to be SOMETHING we can advise…but love that she just bawled with her…coz what else is there? Guess she maybe was crying for the lost kid she used to be herself that screwed up…and haven’t we all been there? To not be judged, to be accepted, to just have someone understand your pain, and not necessarily try to solve it all for you – I think maybe Jamie was her sanctuary at that moment..a place to go..But.. here’s a thought, how do we react as Christians when ‘one of our own’ screws up? Maybe we all like to think that we would be as gracious as Jamie to a vulnerable young person….(something to aspire to anyhow)..but would we offer the same level of honesty, vulnerability, acceptance and downright ‘I haven’t got a bl***dy clue but I know how you feel and I’ve been there/am there right now..ness’ to another Christian? Or perhaps we think we should all know better….when really I suspect we are perhaps just ticking time bombs..and its only a matter of time before we explode and we’re left looking at the pieces that used to be our lovely, ordered, ‘safe’ Christian lives…wouldn’t it be great if we could all be ‘Jamies’ to one another too? Because most of us feel, deep down, there is a ‘lost kid’ in all of us still…..

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