713I find myself resonating immensely, or loudly shouting ‘YES’ after reading Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation today:

Pure, unspoilt religion, in the eyes of God our Father, is this: to come to the help of orphans and widows when they need it, and keeping free from the enticements of the system. — James 1:27 (The Letter of James is perhaps the most primitive and straightforward letter in the New Testament before Christianity had become theoretical and theological.)

Whenever the human and the divine coexist at the same time in the same person we have Christianity. I don’t know that it finally matters what Scriptures you read, liturgies you attend, or moral positions you hold about this or that—as much as “Do you live trustfully inside of God’s one world?” This creates honest people, people who don’t waste time proving they’re right, superior, or saved, but just try to live and love the daily mystery that they are in the loving presence of God. “God comes to you disguised as your life,” as Paula D’Arcy loves to say. Imagine that!

There are basically four world views: 1) Reality is just matter, 2) Reality is just spirit, 3) Through religion and morality we can work to put matter and spirit together (the most common religious position), and 4) The material world has always been the place where Spirit is revealed. You cannot put them together. They already are—as in Jesus. Only the fourth position, “incarnationalism,” deserves to be called authentic Christianity. It has to do with the right reality, not the right rituals.

I long for people to stop arguing about what is right or wrong, what is ‘holy’ or ‘not’ . God in the everyday normal common things of normal life. When I was teaching about Holy Communion recently an 8 year old boy asked …. ‘Rob … do you think Jesus was saying through the bread and wine that we can see him in the normal everyday things of our daily lives?’

Yes …. the truth from a child!



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