msm consultation

Fresh ExpressionsPart of my day a week role as one of the assistant missioners of the MACE team is to teach on the MSM course. Initially I was a bit sceptical, as I am for all ‘published schemes’ with their one size fits all approach. With the MSM course, however, I am pleased to say I have been proved wrong. It is a very good course and I would recommend it to anyone wondering about starting some new pioneering or fresh expression of work. If you are part of a small team from a church, or a small group of Christians with a desire to see something happen in your area then the MSM course is a really good way to mull over theories and different practices and, of course, learn from each other.

Modules such as vision and call, listening for mission, leadership, discipleship, handling opposition …. the list could go on ….. but these modules give an excellent foundation to work from. Some of it pioneers will know, some of it they will have forgotten, but all will learn and value from looking at this stuff together.

Certainly, in Rochester Diocese we are looking for people from local churches to enrol on next years coure. So … if you are part of a team that is thinking about this stuff then maybe you should get in touch. We might even be able to do a deal on cost …. although I obviously can’t make any guarantees!

For the next two days I am going to be at Kings Park and attending the MSM consultation for the MACE team. I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and learning some new stuff. I’m also looking forward to to re-visiting Kings Park … I was last there on the very first Brainstormers Conference, which has long been Youthwork The Conference …. and our speaker was Steve Chalk …. and I was still in my 20’s … and that was a long time ago!

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