disjointed misional ramblings

people1The time away at the MSM conference was pretty amazing. Hanging out in the evening with Bishop Graham, Bob and Mary Hopkins and John and Olive Drane which a real delight and a real challenge with so much knowledge and inspiration.

These are thinking aloud disjointed thoughts …. so you may like to skip these an come back t a later time. But …. if you wish to contribute, add to the dialogue, agree or disagree please do …. I’m still working this stuff through my heart

The highlights of these things are always the opportunity for networking. I met new people and hope to be able to mutually share stuff over the next few months. In addition to networking was a session led by Michael Moynagh as he spoke about some of his new book. He particularly got me thinking about the language of vision, and challenged us about having honest conversations with people rather than having big visions.

I think this resonated quite a lot as I am fairly tired of hearing about revival and big this and big that …. i’m not that interested in such language …. I’ve heard talk of revival of this land ever since I was a Christian ….. seriously I just want to see the community I am placed in at this point in time transformed. I want GIllingham to be transformed by the love of Christ …. and I don’t believe we need a big vision for that …. we simply need honest and open conversation. It’s all about that authenticity of word and action that I spoke of here not long ago… when people see that they become intrigued.

But for people to see that … the church needs to get out and be with people rather than have big visions to try and attract them in … that’s not the ‘Jesus model’. Jesus went, and he asked us to go …… and i believe we already have vision for that.

Michael Moynagh also reminded us that mission is done in community. It’s not an individual thing. Maybe this is why we doi not see transformation in our villages, towns and cities …. because we have lots of people ‘gifted in mission’ doing things rather than the whole community. Individuals are not called to this stuff … the whole church is!

Could our lack of mission / numerical decline in the UK church have something to do with losing sight of this basic fact that we are called as community in mission? I don’t know … what do you think?

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