in and out …

So pub theo happened last night … around 12 people were there and the discussion got pretty heated at times. It seems there is nothing like a discussion on heaven and hell, who is in/out and ‘if we are all going to heaven anyway what’s the point of believing’ to really get people going.

Last nights group had a lot of fun grappling with the ideas presented in this book and allowing them to wrestle with the stuff that they have been brought up with. I am not saying I agree with all that Rob Bell writes in Loves Wins … but he definitely covers a large area that lots of people do not really think about that much.

Personally, I could see it to be a challenge for most of us to grapple with this stuff and consider alternatives to ideas that we have been brought up with. It is like there is almost a sense of ‘wrongness’ that we should even be thinking differently. Maybe that’s the old evangelical identity fear of backsliding/liberalism/dodginess that Rob Bell has been accused of.

On a lighter note the group also had their photo taken by the manager for the Wetherspoons News … so if you frequent ‘spoons in other towns keep an eye out for the next magazine!

And the discussion …. I kind of think it is not over. There is a strong possibility that this particular discussion may continue online so you might want too pop in on the pub theology facebook page.

The next pub theo will be on Monday 27th. February … put that date in your diary!

1 thought on “in and out …

  1. The book has begun a lot of discussion here too, Some heated and some not so much – but always nice to hear other peoples thoughts. I guess this topic will always bring about a variety of ideas – sounds like a great and interesting evening!

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