Love Wins at pub theo

Tonight sees the first pub theo of 2012,a nd it is one that a few have been looking forward to for a while. Tonight we will be meeting in our normal place in The Golden Lion, the Wetherspoons pub in Rochester, to eat, drink and discuss the points that Rob Bell makes in Love Wins. For those of you that do not know the book, Rob Bell challenges a lot of our ‘traditional’ church thinking on heaven and hell and who will be ‘saved’ and who won’t be. It is a good read and you can see a video clip introducing the book here.

A few people have read the book in preparation, and I have come up with a few starting questions to get us thinking about where we want the discussions to be going. Tonight, with my pint, I will be starting the session of by asking whether anything in particular in the book provoked a particularly positive or negative reaction, whether anything was surprising, challenging or confusing and whether there was anything that people strongly agreed or disagreed with. I will also ask where people think Rob Bell gets it right, (if

at all) and where they think he has completely lost the plot! (again, if at all!) Then I have someother questions based on particular chapters if we need them …. usually people have enough questions and comments themselves so I hoep I won’t need those questions!

Tonight should be a good night … so if you are thinking of just staying in and watching some sad soap or whatever … why not join us, from 7.00pm (you can arrive whenever you like and join in wherever the discussion has got to) in The Golden Lion – it will be great to see you.

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