new dean

The big news around here today is the announcement of the new Dean of Rochester; Revd. Dr Mark Howard Francis Beach.  The announcement was made on the number 10 website and is also reported here. This morning and cathedral and diocesan staff were invited to the cathedral at 10.30 to hear the announcement and meet the new dean.

It’s all very exciting to see things moving on and I look forward to working with a new dean when he starts in May. In his intro the ‘dean elect’ stated that ‘cathedrals are beacons of our faith and places of welcome and sanctuary from the busy world. In the present economic environment this becomes even more important and I hope that together we can continue this openness to the church and the world’. That’s a pretty exciting vision to hold to and one that all gere would want to actively support.

Welcome to Rochester. If you are the praying kind please join us in praying for Mark and his family as they prepare to leave Rugby and join us in Rochester.

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