never let me go

I watched a disturbing film last night at the Other Cinema.

It touched on some harrowing themes around the sanctity of life as the plot centres around the fictional situation of clones being grown to supply major organs for others.

At times I was close to tears, at others frustrated by the lack of action or ‘revolt’ amongst the characters while at other times i felt quite sick. Throughout the film the ‘donors’ were told that usually after the 3rd or 4th donation that they would ‘complete’. Donors did not die … they completed … because they were not really human.

We had a great discussion after this film which drifted to the possibilities and how life is treated or looked at in society today. I guess the question or fear, with the technology for cloning already available and used everyday in agriculture, was how is the current balance on this topic between fiction and real possibility? We are possibly already in a  situation where we place different values on different peoples lives – the reactions over Bin Ladens death, the way protestors are treated by police, the values exposed by labels that people give to others … such as Chav, scally, townie and so on.

This could be a great topic and discussion to take up in pub theology.

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