creation gathering

the gathering err gathered again yesterday in the crypt of Rochester cathedral to look at the theme of creation.

This was a landmark event for the community as this was the first gathering we have had that I did not curate or ‘lead’ as one of the families within the community took on responsibility for this.

We took a Godly Play approach to the creation story and people wondered about certain aspects of the story. We then adapted our normal ‘open space’ approach and had a number of different stations to help people contemplate the theme of creation within our lives. Some of the stations looked at how we are created (Psalm 139) others took a St Julian of Norwich hazelnut meditative approach, others encouraged us to create (using Psalm 8) as well as say sorry for when we have abused creation.

As well as helping us to think more about the creative side of God I think we started to see that we as a community can be a creative bunch of people as well.

The next gathering will be on June 12th with the theme of Ancient Roots

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