CSM job

Looks like there is a good job going at CSM if you are interested …

CSM Office and Communications Manager – 4 days/week

Job Description and details on how to apply available on request from andy.flannagan@thecsm.org.uk

Do you know this person?

1. Organised, administratively gifted in book-keeping, communications, payment systems, executive support, web, and passionate about seeing the Kingdom come in the realm of politics.
2.Keen to have an impact at the heart of the Labour party, helping to run CSM, the Christian Socialist Movement, directed by Andy Flannagan.
3. Ready to start working in March.

CSM exists to be a prophetic voice to the left side of politics, both encouraging and challenging. Our members pray and campaign for justice, engaging in politics locally and nationally. We support and resource Christians for that adventure.

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