Today has been one of those good days where I have felt that bit more encouraged. (I feel encouraged all the time … but just a bit more today!)

I have had good conversations in all the places I have visited and I end this part of my day feeling incredibly conscious of how privileged I am to be able to spend time with some truly amazing and wonderful people.

Today I met with Bishop James who visited me in in the place I spend most of my mornings … and that in itself is very very encouraging. We chatted quite a bit about what I do, my normal day, where I see things going and all that kind of stuff. I was particularly excited to see the Bishop interacting and chatting comfortably with the people I spend my mornings with. I think they were pleased to see him being so approachable, and tomorrow I will be very interested to hear what they thought of ‘the new Bishop’.

I found Bishop James to be very interested in people and after a very short space of time I find myself feeling a great amount of respect and trust for this person. I hope we can all continue to pray for him as he seeks to do what he feels God has called him to do … if you do that prayer sort of thing please remember him!

Today has been a good day …

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