I spoke at the Needle of Kent

Last night I had the privilege of talking to the mens group of St Michael and All Angels as a speaker to chat about what I do. Hugh, a great friend from Greenwich YFC, also asked me to lead an ‘alt worship’ type activity to conclude our time together reflecting something of what we may do in the gathering.

As it is the start of a new year I thought ‘the journey’ was a good thing to do again and the men seemed to interact and engage with God in a meaningful way.

I enjoyed this evening as the people were genuinely interested in what I was doing and what I was trying to achieve. They seemed to all ‘get it’ as a group and understand, and for me to find so many people who just seem to ‘get’ what I am about is quite a unique experience. In 1:1 conversations after it was exciting to hear the passion of these men for the gospel. The care, concern and commitment of these men is, I think, a great example of what is good and should be cherished with inherited church. As I said it was a real privilege to spend time with this group of people – thanks for the invite!

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