words matter more than what we do … really?

I have been subscribed to the Nomad podcasts for quite a while now. I love the way they get a great variety of people involved in a massive spectrum of mission to share their thoughts and ideas.

I have just caught up with the Christmas special (podcast 23) and found myself getting quite annoyed with the words of the guy being interviewed, Billy Wordsworth. He was talking about the importance of words and suggested that words are more important than actions, which I find quite ‘interesting’ in the light of the words of James.

The podcast takes a bizarre turn, in my opinion, however, when Billy starts to talk about new words that he is using. Rather than talking about ‘being church’ he suggests that we should talking about ‘churching’. Instead of ‘being real’ or ‘being ourselves’ he talks about ‘realing’ and outlines a time when we was talking with a shopkeeper about normal everyday stuff and so he was ‘realing with the girl behind the counter’. Is it just me that sees a problem with that vocabulary!?

Finally, (and again only in my opinion) most worringly, Billy talks about evangelisticristy (I’m not sure how you spell such a word!). He defines this as being secret about our evangelism. He suggests we keep quiet about our faith, even going as far to say that if people ask if we are Christians to stay quiet and not tell them! Tim, the interviewer, challenges this but I think he asks the wrong question. Tim raises concern that if we adopted this then the gospel message would not be spread. There is a much much larger issue of integrity here. Secret mission, secret evangelism, lying about our faith – all things that I would want to stay completely away from! Integrity and honesty are surely fundamental gospel values.

As you can guess, I did not agree much with the content of this podcast … but go listen and maybe tell me what I am missing here!

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