‘I knew where I was!’

I love listening to children and some of the things they can say quite innocently can make you laugh, cry or contemplate some deep issue. One such occurrence happened in Cornwall. One of the boys did not tell his dad where he was going. I don’t know but I guess the dad would have been annoyed and this annoyance would have come directly from this fathers love and concern for the well being of his son.

I overheard the boy say …

‘He didn’t know where I was … but I knew where I was!’  

Although that was an amusing thing to say, it has got me thinking about my relationship with God. Although I am not always sure where I am going, I always know where I am. I may be surprised to find my self in places … but, nevertheless, I know where I am. I wonder whether, with that personal knowledge of my own whereabouts, comes an assumption that others, including God, know where I am.

Often we speak of ourselves as the children of God and yet we want to know all the answers. Essentially this means we want to be treated by God as equals as only God can really have all the answers.

If we are children we ask questions but a lot of the time we trust. I wonder whether with this trust comes a personal responsibility to tell God where I am. I know God knows … but my telling him reminds me not only that I am cared for, but that God is interested and looking out for my well being.

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