new year family style

Christmas and New Year have been excellent friend and family times.

We celebrated the New Year in style …. twice. We started with an amazing meal at Viners Restaurant who did amazingly at serving us all as one large party. The video gives a taste of the joy we were experiencing. (there are other more incriminating videos of celebrations but you will need to look into facebook for them!)

Following this we celebrated the New Year early so that the younger children could stay involved with sky lanterns and fireworks. The lanterns looked amazing as they floated above our heads before being caught on the breeze. A good way to let go of one year and welcome in another.

Later in the evening a fewer of us returned to the cliff top at midnight to release a couple more lanterns and welcome in the New Year.

The next morning we celebrated together again at the Beach Hut for lunch before we had to reluctantly pull ourselves away from Cornwall and return to Kent.

Thanks to everyone – my family and friends for making this a very special time!

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