a cautious step into the veil

I’m feeling quite excited after the gathering meal and discussion about the way forward this evening. We shared a lot about the things we value about the gathering, as well as asking hard questions about what we are doing and what we hope to be doing.

We seem to value the inclusivity, the creativity and the opportunity presented to engage with God. We enjoy the freedom to create and the ability to be different each time we gather with a loose structure that we have developed to create within.

Tonight we made a decision to share the curation of our worship gatherings. Up until now it has been down to me to ensure things happen and I’m looking forward to being able to share this with others as we move forward and discover together some new things.

One particular concern of mine over the last few months has been the whole question of whether we have started to fall in to the trap of simply putting on a monthly worship event rather than birthing and growing a church. Creating takes energy and time and, actually, we all know it is a lot easier to create a worship event than it is to develop a new way of being church.

Tonight we chatted about this and asked ourselves the question … ‘how do we move from creating an event to growing a church?’ I’m not sure we came up with any great answers, but we are, again, more conscious of what we feel we are called to do.

So … the gathering cautiously treads into the unrevealed and unresolved veil of possibilities and opportunities that will make up the year of 2011

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