fireworks … bikers … taize

If I don’t mention the football then the weekend was a pretty cool one. The free firework display put on by Medway Council on the Great LInes was excellent … although someone behind me quite rightlywondered which persons had lost their jobs in the cuts to protect the budget spent on gunpowder!

Sunday in the cathedral was quite amazing too. The 1030 Eucharist was a good service as it always is with our musicians always seeming to be able to aid our worship magnificently.

During the afternoon in the evensong slot we had a remembrance service for bikers. This was an incredibly moving service as people placed photos of loved ones around a bike on the pulpitum platform. It was also a great time having Loose Cannons, a rock band, play as we processed in as well as singing Sweet Town Alabama during the service. Again this was very moving.

In the evening I led the Taize service. I simply love this service. The simplicity, the repetitive chants, the candles and the music help people to connect with God in a meaningful way. I chose Romans 8:31-39 and Romero’s The Long View which were pondered during the 10 minute blocks of silence. It is the silence in particular that I love in this service.

So … that was the weekend…. pretty varied …. and pretty pioneering for a cathedral too!

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