it’s been quiet because …

I’ve needed a bit of space …

There is a pattern occurring here – when I have lots of things to think about and need ideas to come, blogging seems to take a back seat for a while. I don’t like it when this happens as I use the blog to think aloud in a kind of end of the day Examen type activity … so lack of blogging can mean I am simply immersed in work without giving much time for reflection.

Actually that is pretty much true for the last few days as we have the next gathering on Sunday which happens to be Remembrance Sunday and long before gathering dates were set I had volunteered to do this years Remembrance talks.

So the last few days have been taken up with myself worrying about what to say at both services on Sunday, and in particular the service attended by members of our armed forces. I think I have that straight in my mind now and my talk (I have never had a talk ready 6 days early before!!) is now with a trusted colleague for comment.

So …. I may come back to blogging now as lots of fun things happened over the weekend … although I’m not sure if anyone has planned anything for the gathering yet …. can you let me know please?

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