micro mission stories from Durham

I have just enjoyed reading these reflections from ordinands at Durham. They were sent out by Michael as part of their mission studies to be involved in micro-mission around Durham.

some particular comments that have drawn a smile or a tear from me today:

It is very difficult to think of engaging in mission without talking to people, and as they say “spreading the love of God where ever you go..and (only) if necessary use words”.

Our coffee shop-orientated plan seemed a good one in our heads, but once we were seated in Cafe Nero we realised that we didn’t really know what we were doing there.

Coming away from there we resolved that this would not be a smash and grab mission but we would commit to go regularly and engage with whoever the Lord placed across our path.

go read the others as there are some interesting reflections …. and better still what about trying something like this on a regular basis where you are …. you never know what might happen!

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