changing habits

We have been doing a bit of energy awareness education in our house and it seems to be having a good effect!

I recently switched our energy supplier to British Gas. As part of the deal they sent us a free energy monitor which attaches itself to one of the electrical cables going into the meter and transmits how much electricity is being used at any one time and, more importantly, how much that is costing us each day and each month.

I guess I am like many dads and I am constantly moaning about the TV being left on when no one is watching it, and lights left on in empty rooms. I think we have all been shocked how much power we have been using as a family – discovering, for example, that just turning the hall light off could save us nearly £5 per month.

The result … the house is in semi-darkness! But … this has got to be better for the planet and it’s quite interesting that a simple meter by the phone has had such a great effect on our behaviour. the good thing – this has got to be better for our carbon footprint, and also for our wallets!

I guess, reflecting on this, it shows me again how key meaningful illustrations or activities are if we are to make an impact and change behaviour. I have been ‘going on’ for years about turning lights and things off … no one has listened to me … but the little meter with the £ and kw sign has had more impact in minutes than I have in years.

I guess people just need to see the reasons plain and simple!

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