gathering: grace

Yesterday the gathering got together again in the crypt of the cathedral. This time we looked at the topic of Grace and started by talking about the story of the Prodigal Son.

I was surprised again by what happened. Via email people from the gathering agreed to be responsible for stations for ‘open space’ which is a time we use to help people earth the discussion and topic in the flow of their everyday life. I was surprised, again, because despite lack of detailed planning between us all the stations challenged us in a different way in our thinking of grace and what that is all about. Everything linked, as it often does when we choose to allow God to influence us rather than attempt to control things ourselves.

The time together was varied and gave different experiences under the banner of the theme because the people bringing ideas are at different places on the journey of faith and, with that, bring different needs and interests with them. It was fun to join together to look at grace. I liked that we had a good discussion, but I liked even more that we did not come to any agreement. It showed the person who was there for the first time that Christians can flourish together in disagreement.

I also liked having my mind stretched by the stations as I contemplated what this all meant in how I live my life. On another station transforming the ugliness of my short comings and frustrations into a graceful swan while the words of The Ugly Duckling story rang in my ears was quite a powerful experience.

As I look back it is interesting to see how the gathering is taking shape. It’s interesting and I look forward to continuing to travel with this group of people in to the future.

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