vine and vespers

Tonight the gathering started to regularly meet together for prayer. Tonight was the first time we tried Vine and Vespers as a way for us to pray together and join together in an ancient form of prayer.

As with many Christian communities of the past, some of us met together in my home to pray, while others of the gathering followed a similar format at various locations depending on where they happen to be today. Tonight was the first of our monthly prayer nights

Tonight was small, but small is beautiful and it is a start of the community praying. Tonight was exciting as the gathering was united in prayer without being limited by location. Tonight’ Vespers was a mixture of ancients prayers and newer thoughts that I had reworked over the last few weeks. YOu can read more of the origin of vespers here.

I feel that tonight we have made some milestone. By that I do not mean we have reached a stage and we should feel pleased and slap ourselves on the back; but rather that God seems to be moving us forward as a community and I find that quite exciting as well as being a challenge.

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