inception reality?

Saw Inception last night which was a pretty cool film. It had elements of Matrix while exploring mind control through dreams and traveling through different layers of ‘reality’. Yes the film poses that old question of ‘what is reality’ and leaves you guessing …. and it does it well.

I like to grab or collect quotes from films which make me sit up. The sit up quote last night was … ‘you know what you know, but what do you believe?’ The film explores that fragile dimension between knowledge and belief which is something I am pretty interested in. There are other quotes around the need to dream bigger along with our reluctance, or fear, to do so.

The imagery is uses for our different levels of consciousness are quite interesting – but it would spoil the movie for you if I gave them away here. I suspect this imagery is more powerful than I realised and I’m guessing the film needs a second viewing to fully take the imagery in.

The film does have quite a sinister edge to it that I like … it leave you wondering but also leaves you concerned that others are able to manipulate the thoughts of others …. and how the sowing of little seeds of ideas can have pretty major consequences.

This is probably the action movie of the summer!

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