our celebration gathering

the gathering gathered again yesterday afternoon in the Crypt. It was an encouraging time as three new people were there and seem to be interested and wanting to become involved in creating something.

Yesterday we considered the theme of celebration and Howard got us thinking on celebration of our diversity while thinking about the world cup and the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis. We had a great discussion trying to pull out what this meant … and for the first real time I think we could not all agree which I take as a big positive. A lot of faith, surely, is bigger than our own personal beliefs.
Before and after our worship together there were good conversations happening and it w clear that we are slowly making that transition from group to community … I think the distinguishing element is a genuine interest in other people and what they are about, rather than an attempt to get people to change to fit.
A particular highlight for me was our celebration of communion. We stood around the altar and shared the communion prayer. Our youngest person stood on a chair so she could see over the altar. As we shared bread and wine, I played Paolo Nutini’s track ‘Pencil full of lead’ which I think talks a lot about the celebration of life. I think too often we have a sombre mood in church when sharing communion …. but communion should also be a celebration of what we believe God has done through Christ. 
Nutini is probably a first in the Crypt, and most certainly a first for a Eucharist in the cathedral.  It certainly intrigued tourists walking around. The image though, of people united around God’s altar enjoying the experience, sharing a meal in and of celebration will stay with me for quite a while! I think it was one of those ‘special’moments which comes along when you least expect them.
Sometime’s it is pretty cool to see what God can do with a bunch of people.

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