Saw Eclipse last night – a good film if you have been following the Twilight books and films … and I have!

I did not think the film was as face paced as the previous two, but this is kind of a ‘middle of the story’ film with happenings and information that needs to be set out as preparation for the last book and climax of the story.

Towards the end of the movie Bella is questioned over stuff by Edward and her response is interesting;

‘This isn’t a choice between you and me …. this is a choice between what I am supposed to be and who I am.’

Bella’s words make me think again of those people I have been listening to recently. People I have already mentioned in previous posts that have been prevented from exploring their spirituality because of expectations placed on them by others. These expectations are various but usually amount to how a person looks, behaves or thinks. There seem to be many who are happy to tell others what to think and how to behave – even if that means the person has to reject and deny who they happen to be.

I’m not sure that God needs people who are doing what others think they are supposed to be doing.
If that is God’s plan, we may as well all be clones, doing what each other thinks we should be doing, i.e. all copying each other!

I think God needs people whom God has created, in God’s image,  to be themselves. Surely by being ourselves we are being the people God created us to be …. no?

but … back to the film …. worth going to see, if you like vampires and stuff!

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  1. the first two were fast paced???Oh my goodness, I think I won't be watching Eclipse. I sat down with the first two the other day (my missus is a fan) and I thought they were incredibly slow and dull.If this one is slower, I'm in all sorts of trouble.

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