what’s going on?

Some reflections on the past few days which have been quite tiring and so hence the lack of blogging. Interaction with people is what makes me come alive, it also seems to result in being very tired and I have not been up to blogging over the last few days. The picture sums up the week for me in quite a few ways – I can sense that light is breaking through, and yet I can’t really see clearly quite yet and need to move or climb … just can’t decide which it is!

It has been a very active week in w/s with countless conversations. I was struck this week by the warmth of the welcome and interaction by so many people as well as the privilege of the depth of stuff that was being shared with me. I can’t quite believe the trust that is developing.

The last couple of days I received a message from someone from w/s to let me know they had been taken to hospital and so I visited today. This was a real privilege thing to be able to do, and I felt very chuffed to be asked to visit.

It does seem that this last week has been rich in conversation and action. I wonder what is going on here? Is God moving, or is this a natural stage of building relationships with people? Or maybe it is a bit of both! Actually I’m not sure at all, but that’s some of the excitement of all this trying to work with God stuff!

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