COTA opportunity

I have an exciting opportunity to join with COTA for a few weeks in the New Year.
There are just a few things to sort out like working out how to pay for the trip – but God can sort that out …. but if you know of anyone/anything please give me a shout. I need to raise something like another £500 to make this happen.

If you are interested in what I will be involved in, here is a brief rundown:

The placement would be hubbed at Church of the Apostles, but I would be considered a visiting ‘Pioneer Curate’ to the Diocese of Olympia WA.

The placement will include: creative liturgy and alt worship planning and leadership, outreach experiences in the artistic, non churched neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle. Events at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center, (COTA’s non profit 3rd place), officiating at daily offices at the Abbey, preaching, celebrating Eucharist, teaching and involvement with our four residential house church communities (Praxis, Ikon, Trinity and Lydia ) as well as ministry experiences with our Diocesan Commission for Emerging Mission, and with various ‘Conspiracy Events‘ hosted by the diocese for 20’s-30’s young adults, along with opportunities to share about your ministry in the UK in various parishes in our diocese and at our Cathedral (St. Mark’s) which hosts Compline for 400 young adults each Sunday night at 9:30 pm.

There are videos of COTA our the COTA YouTube channel as well such as this video of theirEaster Vigil this year:

This video gives a good outline of COTA

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