Glorious Movie!

Easily the best movie I have seen this year. Inglorious Basterds is classic Tarantino in so many ways – the spaghetti western music, the bold colours and the way Tarantino draws you in, cause you to smile and even laugh before then hitting you with some shocking action that caused people in the audience to squirm or jump!

I don’t how to describe this film other than being a Spaghetti Western World war 2 film. I realise that makes little sense – you just have to go watch and see what I mean. It’s a violent film but a film which seems set on justice for crimes, on the cost and consequences of actions being put right in some way. There is no sentiment of forgiveness in this film, which some Christians may have difficulty with. There are a number of scenes where Tarantino obviously wants to feel some sense of ‘joy’ at a persons death which is then followed by massive shock at the death of another – the reaction to death seemingly coming from the basis of how we value the character. That in itself pulls up lots of questions of how we value life and how we judge life.

I wouldn’t go too deep into this movie though – its just a great fun film to watch. If you love the Tarantino style, and I do, then this won’t disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Glorious Movie!

  1. i'd been in two minds whether to go and see it with our film club- as a rule of thumb we don't go to watch films that are rated 18, but there is always a case for consideration… however your final comment has now made me think 'maybe not' after all… here's a question for you- how would you feel about taking a mixed group of Christians and not-yet Christians to see this film in the expectation that you could have some meaningful discussion afterwards?

  2. It's difficult to answer that without knowing your group, but I would say definitely yes. There is so much here to discuss and talk about, and I would love the opportunity to be able to do something like that. No mixed group will agree with each other – and I think that's healthy and good.If it were me though – I'd see the film myself first and then decide whether it was a film to take the group to. Tarantino is not everyone's cup of tea – but he is mine and so I am fairly biased!

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