The blog has been quiet because … yes, you guessed it – I snuck off for another brief holiday. August tends to be a holiday month usually and this year has been the same as others where I have slept more in the caravan than I have in my own house.

I will be back into the swing of writing and reflecting soon – and after only being back in the pioneering setting for a few hours it has been an interesting time. The blog has been quiet, hence the title, but the ‘ssshhhhhh’ refers to meeting up with and hearing from friends that I have not really seen for a while.

The holiday was great – being away in Dorset, New Forest and then Ashford with friends has reminded me how privileged I am and what great opportunities we have as a family. It has also shown how much I have missed being with friends and how I really want to sort out how I can ensure that I don’t have to wait a whole year before speaking and laughing with friends and family again. It is possible but just seems so easy for us all to sink back into work and ministry mode and for that to become all absorbing.

Over the summer has also been interesting facebook wise with 3 friends from school days making contact. It’s quite exciting to hear what people have been doing in that 30 year gap since we last spent any time together. It’s weird to think as well that I used to spend the majority of my time with these people and yet moving away, meeting new people seems to mean losing touch with others. The moving away and, again, the immersing myself into other stuff, has resulted in losing touch. In such ways it is easy to forget where you have come from. Personally i think that is sad as my roots are quite a large part of what makes me me.

As I reflect on that I’m off to wander to meet another good friend in Rochester Coffee Co – have I told you they serve the best coffee in Rochester … apart from at my house of course!

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